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3333 Michelson Dr., Suite 300, Irvine, CA 92612

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. Today’s ambitious IT and telecommunications projects will revolutionize our world in ways we can only imagine. At Link Consulting Services, we enable these innovative projects by providing highly skilled technology talent to our Fortune 500 clients. Our goal is to help specialists build fulfilling careers and to assist organizations in achieving their strategic technology objectives before the competition. You could say that since 2005, we have embodied the intersection of humanity and technology—providing strategic industry insights, deep knowledge about IT and telecommunications niches, and data driven-recruitment solutions delivered with passion and a friendly smile.

Our Capabilities

Direct Hire / Permanent Search

Ideal for companies searching for core team members who possess specialized technical expertise, and candidates who prefer full-time, lasting positions that appeal to their unique skillset.


Perfect for large-scale technology projects with rapidly evolving workforce needs, and businesses with seasonal or short-term vacancies. A flexible employment solution for highly-skilled candidates.


Designed for organizations that prefer to assess performance and culture fit before committing to a hiring decision, and candidates seeking stimulating positions with long-term prospects.


The strategic, comprehensive approach that organizations need when recruiting for difficult-to-fill C-suite or senior leadership positions. A tailored experience for the world’s most accomplished leaders.