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Temporary-to-Permanent Staffing Services

Assess Performance and Culture Fit—Before Hiring

Hiring a new team member is a weighty decision. We understand that sometimes, when hiring for your core team, you would like to conduct a “trial run” to ensure that your candidate of choice possesses the hard and soft skills to succeed within your company. Our temporary-to-permanent offerings are designed to help you do just that, minimizing your hiring risk and increasing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your recruiting processes.


Although candidates report to your workplace, Link Consulting Services acts as their official employer, meaning our Consultants and support staff manage the following recruiting necessities:

  • Locating candidates who possess the technical skillsets necessary to succeed
  • Assessing capabilities using our proprietary 49-step, rapid-response recruitment process
  • Interviewing
  • Conducting reference checks
  • Arranging visa paperwork and travel logistics in-house to accelerate talent acquisition
  • Finalizing administrative responsibilities like employment contracts
  • Arranging payroll
  • Onboarding

Outsourcing these time-consuming administrative processes saves you time and resources, while investing in a temporary-to-permanent candidate ensures that you have the opportunity to assess their performance before deciding whether to permanently invite them into your organization.

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