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Temporary Staffing Services

Address Vacillating Project Needs or Short-Term Vacancies

As large-scale projects course through their lifecycle, staffing needs quickly shrink and expand. Remain nimble, productive, and on budget with a flexible temporary workforce—Link Consulting Services’ worldwide network of qualified IT and Telecommunications experts. We specialize in matching clients with candidates who possess the unique skillsets necessary to achieve their unique technology initiatives, meet seasonal demand, or rapidly fill a critical short-term vacancy.


Temporary talent is perfect for minimizing project costs and outsourcing time-consuming HR and payrolling duties, so you can remain efficient and on budget. Link Consulting Services specializes in:

  • Sourcing talent that fits your unique IT and Telecommunications project or position needs
  • Assessing candidates’ technical skills and qualifications
  • Interviewing promising talent
  • Fulfilling HR and administrative responsibilities
  • Delivering effective, highly-skilled candidates to you on an urgent timeline
  • Maintaining candidates on our payroll

Since 2005, Link Consulting Services has developed an expansive global database of subject matter experts who possess the skills necessary to accomplish your technology objectives. Our internal Consultant team leverages these local and worldwide candidate networks in order to locate talent that meets your project requirements.
Talent is then thoroughly screened using our rapid-response, 49-step recruitment process to ensure they match your unique criteria. By the time that candidates reach your workplace for their temporary assignments, we stand behind their ability to perform at the highest level.

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We never charge any upfront costs for our services.