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When it comes to protecting an organization’s data against malicious attackers and inadvertent exposure, data security management is not enough. Companies must focus on information security, which encompasses data as well as the processes and protocols that enable data storage, moving, and authentication.

It is only with this comprehensive approach to information security that enterprises can protect against the most common causes of data breach:

  • Malware
  • Social engineering
  • Improper permissions
  • Insider threats
  • Improper configurations
  • Weak and stolen credentials
  • Application vulnerabilities

Ensuring information security on a large scale requires an enterprise-wide commitment to combating disruption, distortion, and deterioration. This starts with not only having the right cybersecurity tools in place, but also the best talent to guide cybersecurity strategy, address security vulnerabilities, and ensure protocol adoption across the organization.


As cybersecurity has evolved, so have we. For more than 15 years, Link Consulting Services has placed more than 10,000 technology experts and business leaders in Fortune 500 and industry-leading organizations. Our experienced recruiters specialize in providing highly skilled cybersecurity specialists, such as:

  • Information Security Analyst
  • Information Security Engineer
  • VP, Information Security
  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Information Systems Security Manager
  • Cybersecurity Risk Specialist