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In today’s competitive business environment, companies that harness the power of data analytics are able to solve complex business problems faster and more effectively, gaining a significant advantage over peers and disruptors.

  • Data and analytics enable organizations to extract, clean, and standardize data from a variety of internal and external data to deliver much needed business insights for clients and business stakeholders.
  • Proper data analysis using qualitative and quantitative techniques also empower better decision making.
  • Recent advances in machine learning allow model automation to solve a variety of problems related to customer service, supply chain, logistics, and digitizing medical records.
  • As data volume continues to grow, analytics can help to uncover and unlock value through machine learning algorithms and predictive and prescriptive modeling for timely, actionable insights.

While most organizations aim to integrate analytics into their day-to-day business operations, they often face a shortage of resources dedicated to data and analytics. They may struggle to find data and analytics experts who can build essential processes and transform their company into a powerful data-driven organization.


At Link Consulting Services, we place data and analytics experts in Fortune 500 and industry-leading organizations. Our Consultants specialize by technology niche and are uniquely positioned to find talent that can address an organization’s business challenges and technology objectives.

We place a variety of positions, such as:

  • Data Science Specialist
  • Deep Learning Engineer
  • Data & Analytics Modeler
  • Data Science Program Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist – Marketing
  • Machine Learning Developer
  • Machine Learning Software Engineer