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As a staffing services and recruitment consulting organization, Link Consulting Services understands how important work is to a fulfilling, productive life. We also know that unfortunately, employment opportunities aren’t the same for everyone. That is why we’re doing our part to ensure every candidate has a fair shot at success. Link Consulting Services’ commitment to diversity aims to enable all professionals, including those within underserved populations, the opportunity to thrive.


Link Consulting Services’ commitment to diversity and equality benefits individuals, clients, and communities.

  • Harvard Business Review reports that ethnically and racially diverse management teams are 35% more likely to experience financial returns above their industry mean.
  • Gartner claims that inclusive and gender-diverse teams outperform less diverse and inclusive teams by an average of 50%.
  • The Kapor Center and Harris Poll determined that in the technology industry, workplace culture affects turnover, particularly among underrepresented groups–resulting in an expense of more than $16 billion per year.
  • Deloitte found that 83% of Millennial employees were more engaged when they believed their organization built a culture of inclusion.


We’re proud to say that Link Consulting Services team members created and signed our pledge to equality, a commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion within our organization and our clients’ workplaces. To fulfill that commitment, we’ve implemented the following business practices.

“Blind” resumes
Link Consulting Services screens all candidates resumes when presenting them to clients, redacting information that could identify a candidate’s gender, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, and school attended. All candidates are assessed on their skills, experience, and past performance alone.

Neutral language
Data shows that biased language discourages diverse candidates from applying. We use industry-leading, data-backed tools to assess language in job descriptions and identify areas of gender and minority bias. Our team then revises the job postings to encourage applicants from all backgrounds.

Diverse recruitment sources
Since 2005, Link Consulting Services has built a global network of highly-skilled professionals. To ensure that our growing network includes people from all backgrounds and geographies, we’ve partnered with organizations that have built positive relationships with diverse candidates.


Why does Link Consulting Services redact resumes? Do clients and candidates benefit from this?

Research shows that identity cues can sway hiring managers–consciously or unconsciously–toward or away from certain candidates. For example, resumes for candidates that have White sounding names tend to receive 50% more callbacks for interviews than candidates with Black sounding names.
At Link Consulting Services, we’re committed to addressing bias in the recruitment process and giving all candidates the opportunity to succeed on their own merit. When presenting candidates to our clients, we redact resumes to prevent conscious or unconscious bias from affecting the hiring process.

How many diversity candidates has Link Consulting Services placed?

An equal opportunity employer, Link Consulting Services is passionate about promoting underserved populations–including women and minority professionals–in high-tech, SATCOM, and mobile communications. Since 2005, we have placed more than 10,000 diverse candidates around the world. Recent placement data demonstrates our commitment to diversity:

We are proud of the inclusive network we have built thus far and look forward to furthering our commitment to diversity.

How does Link Consulting represent diversity internally?

Promoting diversity and inclusion for our clients and candidates starts with building a diverse internal team. We welcome team members of all backgrounds into our ranks.

How does Link Consulting Services help clients promote diversity in their workplaces?

Link Consulting Services acts as a diversity recruitment consultant for all clients. When partnering with clients, we start by uncovering their unique workforce goals in order to assist in recruiting the professionals they need to succeed.
Our recruiters then provide diversity and inclusion guidance through the recruitment process, such as implementing blind hiring procedures and educating clients about unbiased interviewing strategies. We also assess job descriptions provided by clients, utilizing industry-leading tools to ensure all job postings contain unbiased and inclusive language that appeals to all candidates. This has shown to increase the variety of applicants, which can create a more diverse workforce.

Does Link Consulting Services support any diversity-related causes?

As a woman-owned business, Link Consulting Services is particularly passionate about promoting women in technology. We are currently developing this program further.