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Organizations often use multiple systems to collect, process, and store data. Each of these systems uses a different vocabulary to manage enterprise data, which can make it difficult to create a comprehensive database. As a result, many organizations struggle to achieve the data quality, integrity, and transparency necessary to ensure accurate key performance indicators (KPIs), and to develop the insights necessary for operational excellence.

Master data management (MDM) is the key to organizing complex, scattered data sets and leveraging core data effectively. MDM solutions, including Oracle, IBM, Semarchy, Informatica, and Reltio, help to standardize enterprise information, enabling governance and operational excellence. MDM reduces redundancy and enforces consistency and quality for key data assets such as customer data, product data, and supply chain data. In heavily regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, MDM standards are required to achieve compliance and new product approval.

Assessing, implementing, and managing MDM solutions, as well as the associated ETL, data modeling, and data quality tools, is a complex undertaking. Organizations need expert teams with significant experience to successfully manage the process.


Link Consulting Services specializes in the technology experts and business leaders that companies need to assess, implement, and manage the right MDM solution. We have placed more than 10,000 experienced professionals in Fortune 500 and industry-leading organizations worldwide. Our skilled recruiters fulfill diverse data management positions, including:

  • Master Data Management Specialist
  • Director of Data Analytics
  • Senior Data Management Developer
  • Senior Clinical Data Manager
  • Product and Data Solutions Senior Manager
  • Senior Data Engineer
  • Data Management Specialist